Wow! Growth on the table.


Fairy Kisses and well wishes to all!

It has been such a long time.
Experiencing how bad is stronger than good!
Yet good never gives up! I believe persistence pays off and here I stand today to reflect on bad within the system. For both education and work environments.

My bad experiences reveals just how many challenges there are in our education system today. I began to study as a secondary teacher in 2014 knowing full well that bullying is a predominate force. That is the systematic use of coercion to have ones needs meet. Unfortunately as a leveler recovering from PTSD I did not manage my attempts to work within a predominately coercive system that well.

Our education system is not great for mental health for anyone involved.

Please don’t get me wrong this is not about blame, it is an observation providing an opportunity for improvement. Do we want to improve our education system? Our work environment? If so we need to face the reality that it is a predominantly coercive system. True in many cases based in the idea of ‘I know better than you!’

My heart goes out to the numerous teachers that struggle to find a way to manage the systematic coercion within the system. Often leaving the system with stress or worse. I met teachers who left permanent positions to work part time or casually (CRTs) to make working as a teacher manageable.

While my congratulations and admiration goes to those who not only manage the system, but also shine in the system doing all they can to bring positive cooperative respect and kindness to the system. There are definitely teachers that fall into this category too.  Thank you for your courage!

And remember the power of Self-Determination. While I appreciated feedback designed to assist my professional development, I will also stay true to myself, use my own self evaluation and the feedback of those who are genuinely guiding my professional development.

Tell me who are you going to listen to more?   Those who are encouraging you, acknowledging your strengths and your objective self observation, or those who attempt to put their own stuff onto you and pull you down.   Think on this and consider the impact of your answer on your practice.

Photo by Janelle Sheen